eSciDoc SearchAndExport Service


The SearchAndExport interface is a REST interface, with which one can extract data from PubMan [more].

REST Interface Description

This service expects a HTTP GET request containing following parameters:

cqlQuery: defines CQL search request (required) exportFormat: can be APA, APA(CJK), AJP, BIBTEX, ENDNOTE, MarcXML or eSciDoc XML. (Default: ENDNOTE) outputFormat: is only relevant for APA, APA(CJK), AJP, JUS exportFormat and can be pdf, html (plain, linked and styled), rtf, odt, snippet v5.x (escidoc xml metadata set before v6.0), snippet v6.x (escidoc xml metadata set v6.0 and higher). (Default: pdf). ENDNOTE will be always returned as plain text.