SWORD Depositing Service

The SWORD Depositing Service is an interface for depositing items from external servers into the eSciDoc repository.


Retrieve the Servicedocument:

The SWORD servicedocument describes the collections a user can deposit to. (User credentials have to be provided)

Attributes which can be set in the http header:
sword:verbose - Sets the verbose output
sword:noOp - Sets the test deposit option (item will be processed but not saved)

Exemplary Servicedocument:

    <atom:title type="text">PubMan SWORD Workspace</atom:title>
     <collection href="escidoc:123">
     <atom:title type="text">Test SWORD Deposit</atom:title>
     <sword:collectionPolicy>Simple work flow</sword:collectionPolicy>
     <dcterms:abstract>This is a test collection for SWORD depositing. The policy is: no policy at this time.</dcterms:abstract>
     <sword:treatment>Zip archives recognised as content packages are opened and the individual files contained in them are stored.</sword:treatment>
     <sword:acceptPackaging >http://purl.org/net/sword-types/tei/peer</sword:acceptPackaging >
     <sword:acceptPackaging >http://purl.org/escidoc/metadata/schemas/0.1/publication </sword:acceptPackaging >
     <sword:acceptPackaging >bibTex</sword:acceptPackaging >
     <sword:acceptPackaging >EndNote</sword:acceptPackaging >

You already have an eSciDoc account for PubMan? Check out your Servicedocument here.

Deposit data to PubMan:

One can deposit publication data to PubMan by calling the deposit servlet. (User credentials and collection identifier have to be provided)

For detailed information about parameters, error codes etc. please check out the PubMan SWORD description in CoLab.